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The Absolute Best Frozen Moscow Mule Recipe

A traditional Moscow Mule is already the perfect drink to cool down with. When that copper mug hits your lips, it’ll be sure to give you chills. And deliciousness. But sometimes, you want something cooler. Something chillier. For that, you… Continue Reading →

8 Best Drinking Games For Parties

[Please drink responsibly. Not for anyone under 21 years of age.] So you’re having a party? No party is complete without the standard drinking games. We all know them– beer pong, kings, flip cup, etc. But maybe you’re throwing a… Continue Reading →

5 Best Drinking Games On Amazon

[Please drink responsibly. Not for anyone under 21 years of age.] We’ve all played the standard drinking games: flip cup, beer pong, kings, etc. And they all revolve around the same tools such as cards, dice, solo cups and ping… Continue Reading →

6 Fun Drinking Games You’ve Never Played Before

Before we get into these insanely fun drinking games you’ve never heard of, we need to first stress that we encourage you to please drink responsibly. These games are only for people at or older than the legal drinking age…. Continue Reading →

6 Tips For Throwing The Best Theme Party

Everyone loves a good party. Everyone really loves a good theme party! Theme parties are a fun way to switch things up, get creative and let loose. But because there are a lot more moving parts and a lot of… Continue Reading →

7 Best Vodka Shots & Shooters To Get Deliciously Hammered

Vodka is the most versatile liquor available. From vodka, you can make exquisite cocktails, quick drinks, or you can shoot it. Today, we’re going to focus on all the possibilities you have with vodka shots and shooters. Obviously you want… Continue Reading →

13 Insanely Fun College Theme Party Ideas

Theme parties. Choose an amazing theme and everyone will have a blast. Choose a bad theme, and the party will be a disappointment. The great thing about theme parties is that they are so flexible. Theme parties can be great… Continue Reading →

How To Make A Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinks around. And for good reason– they’re delicious and appropriate for all occasions, from classy cocktail bars to trashy frat parties. It’s hard to find a drink as versatile… Continue Reading →

4 Best Vodka Cocktails To Order At Cocktail Bars

[Looking for something a little less fancy? Here are our six favorite vodka drinks] When someone suggests you go to a cocktail bar, it’s clear you’re not going to any local dive bar. The word “cocktail” must have some power…. Continue Reading →

6 Best Vodka Drinks For Any Occasion

[If you’re looking for something fancier, here are our four favorite vodka cocktails] You’re at a crowded bar with your friends. You’ve waited a little longer than you’d like for a drink, in an area a little too crowded for… Continue Reading →

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